lunes, 2 de abril de 2018

Technical advances with the robot

When we met just after the national championship, we talked about what to improve in order to get better results in Tallinn. One aspect we have to improve is the robot and security when doing different missions.

So the first thing we did is building a chassis to reinforce the robot and make the wheels more stable. Now we have a more solid robot and better performing, so we can go to the other side of the table more accurately. The new chassis gives us more place to plug new gadgets.

Besides that, we have to change most of our gadgets and programs to score better at the Tallinn Championship. We have been thinking about new strategys and new gadgets with easy-plug to optimize the time and the points scored.

To have more gadgets and achieve more missions, we have added a new motor to expand our capabilities and be more precise, but to also win a new type of movement.

Now we are working in the new gadgets and the programs. Stay tuned to see us progressing!

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